When Is the Right Age to Give Your Kid A Smartphone?


If you are like me, chances are high that you have found yourself asking a very simple yet so complicated question and that is when is the right age when it comes to giving your kid a smartphone. As simple as that question might sound, the answer to it is actually not that easy, it is highly recommended that you always ensure that you have all the basic knowledge when it comes to smartphones or any other electronic device and your kids.

Factors Before Giving A Smartphone

Parents are usually faced with a very tough task when it comes to giving their kids smartphones and this is due to the fact that there are so many apps, useful ones, being launched every day. With that in mind, parents are usually not sure what exactly to do as denying their kids a smartphone may end up making them miss out on certain important facts.

A survey that was conducted by a major mobile service provider on kids and smartphones found that 56% of kids who are aged between 10 – 13 years old currently have a smartphone. A shocking figure was obtained when looking at kids who are below 5-years old, according to the report 25 % of kids who are aged between 2 – to 5 currently have a smartphone.  

There is no particular age that you could state that it is the right time to give your kid a smartphone. That said there are many factors that you are supposed to consider before giving your kid a smartphone, for instance, how will your kid be using the phone. For instance, if your kid is active in all the school activities then they are bound to require a smartphone as they are bound to need it at some point.


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