“What is leather product”: Know the Classification


Before knowing what is a leather product we need to know what is product. In a word, a product is the result of a process. The product which is made with leather is called leather product. For example, the belt is a leather product. It goes through a manufacturing process and it is the result we get from this leather product.

Classification of leather product:

Leather products are classified into seven types. Those are:

  1. Leather footwear
  2. Leather goods
  3. Leather garments
  4. Leather sporting goods
  5. Leather upholstery
  6. Leather ornaments
  7. Industrial leather

We will give now a detailed discussion on those types below:

  • Leather footwear: The thing we use to cover our foot is footwear what is leather product. Archaeologists found first specimen of leather footwear 2800 B.C years old. Slippers, keds, boots, casual and formal shoes etc are the variations of leather footwear. Now many world famous manufacturing companies are manufacturing footwear.
  • Leather goods: We use leather goods as most used leather product. Leather products which we use everyday life for carrying our personal things are leather goods. People use those from the ancient time around 3300 B.C. Wallet, side bag, office bag etc are example of leather goods.
  • Leather garments: This type of leather products are for wearing. The cloths which are made with leather are leather garments. Leather jacket, Leather pants, bomber jacket etc are the example of leather garments. People use this type of cloths in winter season. Bombers jacket was very famous to military person during 18th century.
  • Leather sporting goods: There are some sporting products which are made with leather. Cricket ball, football, basket ball, handle of bat etc are the example of leather sporting goods. In most of the cases of leather sporting goods manufacturers use artificial leather.
  • Leather upholstery: We use leather to cover furniture. The leather product which is made as a furniture covering is leather upholstery. Using of leather upholstery isn’t ancient. Using of this started around 13th We use leather upholstery for decorative purposes. It makes furniture comfortable too.
  • Leather ornaments: Some ornaments are leather-made. This kind of leather product is leather ornament. People, especially women use this for looking them good. Bracelet, ear-ring, necklace etc ornaments may be leather-made. Popularity of leather ornaments is increasing day by day. The reason is they are nice looking and gorgeous.
  • Industrial leather: The leather products used in industries for various purposes. Conveyor belt is a good example for this type.

Use of leather products in everyday life

Leather products are popular with people worldwide. People use different types of leather products from very ancient times. The wallet is an essential good for us to carry money and cards safely. Without footwear, we can’t think a single moment. We use bags for carrying our personal things. Leather ornaments are dear to all. We also use purses, vanity bags, briefcases, etc what is the leather product. Though some products are costly, leather products are becoming more essential goods for us day by day.

Original leather can be expensive although it has a great life too. Nowadays with prices skyrocketing used markets for leather goods are also developing which offer some serious deals. If you are interested in saving some money there are numerous online portal for used for sale items. No wonder you will find something at the best price and condition.


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