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Men’s Van Heusen Shirt is a crave for today’s professional symbolizing and quenching the thirst of their ego and fashion-conscious self. Van Heusen Shirts for decades have been matching the trend answering all 4 seasons suiting every occasion. Van Heusen Dress Shirts today reflect corporate fashion and functional innovations. Van Heusen understands what you wear is not only your dress, but it defines your personality, speaks, while your lips are still silent. And there, this focus has brought them up as the market leader.  

The journey from Hand-Sewn Shirts to No. 1 Selling International Shirt Brand:

Founded by Moses Phillips selling hand-sewn shirts in 1881, it got its brand name from the designer, John Van Heusen who in 1919, came out with the world’s first collar, giving birth to sewing at curved angle. VH gradually became the worldwide choice of the leaders, branding the brand. Later VH was appointed by Queen Elizabeth as official clothier for Buckingham Palace in 1974.  Since then VH has been all about innovations and trend-setting. Its launches like Ice Tough, Dura press, Best White, Techno cotton and the intelligent clothing range in 1990were great births in the industry. By 2005 Van Heusen had the American market in its capture ranking no.1 in shirt brand and in the year 2007 it had the whole world its captive. And today it is not only the one of most sought after brands but recommended as well.

 The Brand Personality

  • It is Modern in character with updated clean designs matching today’s taste.
  • It follows the principle of Minimalism, wherein it works with the modern art principles of form, shape, designs, colors mixed with simplicity.
  • Timelessness is one of the standing points of the brand combined with its dedication to perfection in delivery.
  • VH has always been Fashion Right, meaning molded in today’s fashion and not influenced by past or cutting edge in designs with dreams of future.
  • With a worth of over One billion USD in retails sales, it is international no. 1 selling shirt brand.
  • It has a market of over 70 counties with300 exclusive outlets worldwide and much to mention in wholesaling and retailing.

A Review

Van Heusen’s promise of excellence and delivery of innovations has been its branding and this positioning marching it at the lead of the international market. Men’s Van Heusen Shirts have always been changing as per the trend and taste complimenting the generations. In the year 2003 company adopted the European Cut body silhouette leaving behind the older full cuts. 2006 summer collection brought a much diversified collection of tailoring. In 2009 VH came up with all new and vibrant collection of short-sleeve Shirts in acidic eclectic colors in solid, checks, stripes and prints. VH’s 2010 launch The Performa based on Classic fit tailoring, used the fabric with a combination of nano-technologies, super high twist Wool yarns, and Vapors Phase technology, making it crush & stain resistant. Van Heusen Fitted shirts are available in 50 different varieties and they come in over 30 fittings with multiple sleeves.


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