Tips on Creating Your Own Healthy Salads

Healthy Salads

Healthy salads are a great way to lose weight and increase your body’s immune system.  However, many people make the mistake of turning their healthy salads into something that may actually be bad for their health.  Here are a few tips that will ensure you will be making healthy snack recipes good for your body and mind.

The first tip is to turn those healthy salads into healthy dinners by mixing protein rich ingredients in your mix, this balances the carbs in your meal and can help you feel full and stave hunger off for hours.  Protein rich food you can add to your salad includes left over chicken, salmon, shrimp or lean steak.

Another option to try is adding a can of beans like garbanzo or black beans.  Dicing smoked or baked tofu can do wonders for your protein requirements and help you make really healthy dinners.

Adding cooked green soybeans is a likewise healthy addition to your already healthy salads. If you prefer some dairy with your salad, you can toss in diced, reduced fat cheese.  Examples include fresh mozzarella or soy-based cheeses.

When you are applying dressing on your healthy salads you can boost your smart-fat quotient by using canola or olive oil in your mix.  Canola oil is a healthy option because it is filled with monounsaturated fats that are good for the heart and lots of heart boosting omega-3 fatty acids.  Olive oil has been known for centuries to be one of the healthiest cooking oils known to man.  Its efficacy in preventing heart disease is well known and documented. Another healthy option for your salad dressing is utilizing fat-free sour cream; fruit juice or plain yogurt.  Eliminate any sugar called for in the recipe, use instead light corn syrup or honey.  Champagne, non-alcoholic beer, wine and low sodium chicken broth are excellent options for your quick healthy recipes.


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