Here’s what a Right Shoe offers You

what a Right Shoe offers You

Footwear holds a pivotal place in our whole dress code. The aesthetics though important are not the only criteria to judge a shoe. Protection, support, and comfort often precede the aesthetic appeal of any pair of shoes. With advancements in manufacturing technologies, we are faced with ever-increasing options to select from which has proved to be rather a bane than a boon. Now we have to put more struggle into the selection of the right show while keeping our minds away from the temptation of more appealing options.

It is very easy to select a shoe based on its style and appearance. But the goal is to select one which is stylish and supportive at the same time. Not only the patients with various foot disorders but healthy people too are also exposed to problems of knees, hips, lower legs, and back because of using the wrong pair of shoes. Moreover, the main cause of falls among all age groups especially elders is found to be the wrong fitting of the footwear.

The fact that most of us spend a major portion of our day in the same shoes increases the importance of their supportive character. A good pair of shoes has the power to help you throughout your long day on your feet. The key is to select a good one for you. Though not every shoe type is good for everyone. The place from where you are buying can also help you in determining the best one for you. Straight Laces is one such place where you can easily satisfy your subjective shoe needs. You can even find no tie shoelaces from Straight laces. What you have to do is look for these following attributes in your shoe and you will be all right.

Is it Supportive?

The first thing to look for is the supportiveness of the shoe. A good shoe has the quality of providing you with arch support whenever your feet touch the ground. It should also be able to work on different terrains though not necessarily vigorously. The heel cup should also be soft yet stable enough to provide support.


In the long run, comfortability is what you will covet the most. A good-looking shoe with minimum comfortability will be limited to your rack after sparing use. However, a comfortable shoe will become your daily driver for it will eliminate the pain even with extensive work.

Does it fit well?

See that you are selecting the right size, neither smaller nor larger. Having a shoe that tilts towards any extreme makes your feet liable to pain and the chances of fall multiply leading to other serious health issues.

Is it roomy?

Being roomy doesn’t mean a shoe larger than your actual shoe size. It means that it is capable of handling the spreading of your feet during walks. A shoe that is too tight will lead to pain as the spread of feet will mess with shoe walls along the length and width. 2 cm room is often considered enough for a roomy shoe.

Once you find a shoe fitting the above description, go for it. A little style on top of it won’t hurt either.


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