Focus Points for Choosing Kids’ Beds


Choosing a bed for your son or daughter is not as easy as it was for your parents. If you have been shopping for kids’ beds lately, you know that there is a huge choice. Manufacturers address the practical needs of the parents by offering bunk beds, trundles, midi beds and a long-loved favorite, the captain’s bed. Then, to tug at the heartstrings, they create beds that look like cars, fire engines, and the fairy tale coach in darling pink.

You really need to combine practicality with the dream in order to buy the bed that will best suit your child. The age of your child has a lot to do with the selection of a bed. A toddler will enjoy a novelty bed and at the same time, have years before they outgrow it. A nine- or ten-year-old will view the novelty bed as a “baby’s” bed – after all, they are almost teenagers. As a rule of thumb, children like novelty beds until they are about six. Once they have to make their own bed, they prefer trundles, captains, or midis. Children under nine should never have a bunk bed because the upper rails are not designed for small children.

Bedrooms in older homes in Sydney have less square footage and height. The size of the room may eliminate the option of a bunk bed. If you have two children in the same bedroom, the trundle is an excellent option. However, rooms when buying kids’ beds in Melbourne, the homes have larger rooms and higher ceilings. If your child’s room is large enough for a full bunk, you might prefer this especially if two children share a room. The midi beds come with their own desk, bookcase, and toy chest making them the best choice for a smaller room.


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