Five Steps to Avoid Cancer


1. Let the sun in.

An exhibition moderated to the rays UVB can reduce the risk of 22 types of cancer, including it of the prostate and the testicular. 20 minutes daily they are sufficient so that the solar light increases the production of the body of vitamin D.

2. Orange thinks.

British scientists discovered that falcarinol, a present chemist in carrots, reduces for a third the development of tumors in mice. Another study was done with mice in a laboratory and also tied this vegetable to fewer taxes of incidences of heart diseases.

3. Be his doctor himself.

It has been measuring single what it can take to increase radically his quality of life. 15 minutes when of it walked twice daily are efficient to raise the cholesterol (good) HDL, to lower the cardiac rhythm and arterial tension. Face still the food as an edible medicine. Fill his freezer with pieces of salmon, the refrigerator with cold tea, and the drawer with the part of bass of different vegetables, at least three different colors.

4. Take care of his children.

The little devils spread the virus of the flu as the farmer disseminates the manure. A study by the University of Harvard discovered that children between 3 and 4 years are, normally, the first ones to catch respiratory diseases that, subsequently, pass to the oldest. It is an age in which there is easy and frequent contact with the whole type of microbes.

If the disease is shown in his boy, tell him to wash well his hands several times daily and to order soon for the garbage tissues that he uses.

5. Choice of good supplements.

In a recent Canadian study, the persons who took 400 milligrams of ginseng daily had 25 % fewer colds – or the symptoms were less severe than what they were for a placebo. The investigators suspect that ginseng is efficient in the combat to the invaders, as soon as it favors the production of three important immunity cells: cytokines, lymphocytes, and T cells.


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