Finding The Right Plus Size Clothes for Different Body Types


Today, having a wide selection of plus size clothes is something to be happy about. Gone are the days when it is such a problem to find something that fits. Full-figured women no longer have to worry about not looking their best especially when they want to dress up and feel beautiful. Sometimes, the formula to feeling girly and hot is the right outfit, a killer pair of heels, and overflowing confidence. Plus size clothes that fit are essential to having a great and complete wardrobe. It is important to experiment with different styles and cuts to really determine what works and what doesn’t. There are many plus-size clothing styles to choose from, but not everything will work for one person. It is necessary to know your body and what body type you have. To others, plus-size women may look the same, but in reality, there are different styles for different sizes.

The Pear-Shaped

The pear-shaped type is when a woman’s upper body is smaller than the lower half. Women who have this body type should choose plus size clothes that are form-fitting around the waist and the hips. In dressing this type of body, the aim is to always bring the attention to the upper body and not the rear area. Tops and dresses with fitted torsos and wide necks will do wonders for your figure. Maxi dresses and straight-cut skirts are ideal for this body type. The second plus size body type is the athletic shape. This is characterized by broad shoulders and square hips. They aren’t really considered plus size because of their extra weight, but because of extra muscle and big bones. Ladies blessed with this type of figure should find plus size clothing that are romantic and soft. It is important to choose styles that can help create the illusion of softer features and bodily curves. Accessories like belts and details like ruffles may help achieve a softer and more feminine look. Belted dresses will help cinch the waist and create the illusion of a more hourglass figure.

The Apple-Shaped

Lastly, the apple-shaped figure, which is a very tricky body type, is characterized by a fuller chest, wide shoulders, and a smaller backside. Choosing plus size clothes for women with this figure can be a little complicated and challenging because the main goal is not to emphasize but to camouflage problem areas like the stomach. It is important to find clothing that does not cling to the wider parts of your body. Ideal styles for this body type are v-necklines and empire waist dresses.


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