Download TV Shows on Your Terms


I want to let you in on a secret, you don’t have to watch all those commercials. I don’t mean changing the channel to something else either; I’m talking about the removal, and demolition of advertisements forever! How much time are you wasting on watching commercials exactly? A 30-minute show will have approximately 12 minutes of commercials, while a 60-minute show will have approximately nine minutes of commercials. That’s a ton of time wasted, and all the shows would actually be shorter without the commercials which means more time to enjoy your life (or more of your favorite shows).

Being a TV junkie, I can tell you I don’t like sacrificing myself to the TV programming gods. Neilson’s research the global leader in media information found the average American watches 34 hours, and 37 minutes of TV per week. That’s a ton of TV and made me think about my TV viewing habits. For the first week of May, I counted all the time I spent watching TV and the result blew me away. I bet you can’t guess how much TV I watched, 20 hours? Nope, 30 hours (I’m not average anymore) … 40 hours (still higher! If you guessed 45 hours you were close, I watched 46 hours and 15 minutes of TV for the first week of May (and Entourage isn’t even airing yet).

Am I really that crazy about watching TV shows?

Some people would say it is a bad habit or a waste of my time, but I love TV, and I know you do too because you found this site. I was smart enough to admit that I was watching a little too much TV. I was almost twice the average, and sadly I had watched more hours of TV than I worked last week at my office job. I had to find an answer and began my quest by researching other methods to watch tv. After one week of reading tv show reviews, and articles, and purchasing all of the best tv show products I found the answer.

What did I find out?

I found there was software that let me watch tv shows with no commercials, unlimited downloads, and a database with the whole alphabet of television shows. This was THE ANSWER I was looking for, it let me take control of my viewing habits and watch all of my favorite shows in less time on my schedule. Another top idea to enjoy so much more is to get an iptv subscription. With the best iptv uk, you can amplify all your previous experiences. I experienced a whole new dimension of ways to watch TV shows, instead of lying on the couch all night I had options now. I was able to watch TV at home (on my tv), at work (on my pc), and even while trying to stay active jogging (on my mp3 player). TV is now an active part of my day-to-day lifestyle, and to think I owe it all to a free trial of TV downloads software.


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