Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Romantic Vacation

Romantic Vacation

Is it time for you to start recapturing the love in your relationship?  Have you decided that the best way for you and your significant other to rekindle the spark is by sharing an outdoor romantic vacation?  Getting away from it all in the great outdoors can be a real chance for intimacy, as long as you choose the destination which appeals to both of you.  There are many ideas for outdoor romantic vacations, and we gathered just a few of them for your consideration:

Head for the Woods

Whether you want to spend your outdoor romantic vacation as far away from civilization as you can get, or would prefer to enjoy the woods while still remaining close to civilization, you can tailor your vacation to suit your needs.  There are now many hiking parks which have their own trails as well as camping facilities, and there are national parks where you can load your provisions into your backpack and set out to rough it in the wilderness.  Mountain biking vacations are also an option.

Enjoy Some Desert Sun

Whether you’re in the US, or closer to the Middle East, spending an outdoor romantic vacation in the desert will give you your choice of a number of activities.  If you’re in the American West, spending time on a desert dude ranch and exploring on horseback is one option.  If, on the other hand, you’re in the Middle East you can do your explorations from the back of a camel!   In some desert areas, you can dune surf in the tradition of the ancient Egyptians who indulged in some wild rides down the slopes of towering Sahara dunes on pieces of discarded pottery.  The two of you may get some curious stares when you pack your snowboard for your desert vacation, but that’s all part of the fun you’ll share!

Do Some Mountain Climbing

Could any adventure possibly be as romantic as mastering the heights of a challenging mountain together?  There are mountains begging to be climbed on every continent, so you’ll enjoy sharing your time as you pick the perfect mountain to meet your level of climbing experience and your budget.

Explore a Jungle

How many other couples do you know who have shared the romance of a jungle adventure?  Raft down a jungle river; take a safari to view the mountain gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda; or spend a week living among a South American Indian tribe in a jungle eco-tour vacation.  Get a close-up glimpse of some of the world’s endangered species, or climb through the jungles of Peru to view the marvels of Machu Picchu.  Jungle romance most definitely does not have to be reserved for Tarzan and Jane!

 The choices you have for romantic outdoor vacations are limited only to your shared imaginations.  You’re certain, with little effort, to find the one which will satisfy your needs for both relaxation and adventure!


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