Apartment Hunting

Moving Planning

Before you start to look for an apartment or house for rent, know what your rental budget is.  Stick to it so that you do not get locked into a place that you cannot afford.  When looking at apartments make sure they show you the exact one that you would be living in, because this way you can inspect it closely to see if it is right for you.  A lot of times they will show you a model and not the one you will live in. 

Do not sign a lease until you have done a walk through and looked for anything broken or even pests.  Listen to see if you can hear the neighbors easily.  Look up and read any reviews that might be posted on the internet.  If people are saying bad things and there are a lot of bad reviews, this should be a read flag.  Take at least a week to find an apartment.  Don’t feel you have to find one today, cause you just might end up in something you hate.  Here’s an example.  Our friend just got back to town and started looking for apartments and ended up taking one they thought they loved, but the next day after they signed the lease and moved in, they did not like it. 

On closer inspection of the apartment they started to see that most of the doors on the closets were off or would go off the track and couldn’t get them back.  The refrigerator did not completely seal.  The apartment manager said they would not replace the refrigerator.  They could hear the neighbors like they were in their apartment.  And they did not feel safe.  It was in a decent neighborhood and the complex on the outside looked good, but on a closer look, you could see that they did not put a lot of money back into upkeep of the place.  It is suppose to be gated apartments, but the gate did not work, so it is always open.  Now they are stuck for 2 months in those apartments. 

They have to give 60 day notice and 2 months rent plus $1800 to get out of the lease.  It is a very expensive mistake, but one they will learn from.  I hope that no one else will make this mistake.  So, take your time and don’t rush when looking at apartments.  If you find one you like, take one night to think about it.  They will pressure you to take it right then and say it might not be available tomorrow.  True, it might not, but at least you had time to weight the pros and cons of the apartment.  At least go eat out and discuss it with your spouse if married or with your friends and then make your decision.  Enjoy your apartment hunting and try not to make it too stressful and enjoy your new home.

Once you are done with your apartment hunting, you can shift your attention on your moving planning. If you are moving somewhere in Dubai, we would recommend you to search and hire among several house movers and packers in business bay. Such moving companies have professional employees that assist you with moving, packing, storing and everything in-between the process of moving from one place to another.


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