A Woman’s Fashion Icon

Woman’s Fashion

Every woman dreams of wearing something that can make them lovelier, prettier, sexier, and glamorous. It is no doubt that shoes, handbags, and dresses are women’s favorites but it is also true that a designer coat belongs on her bucket list.

Designer coats for women come in different colors, styles, and sizes. Most women would love a pink trench coat, a black leather jacket, a bright red blazer, and a brown camel coat. Designer coats for women can even speak of their personalities and fashion sense. A teenager wearing a denim jacket is most likely a carefree lady. A woman wearing a parka coat is most likely an adventurous person, while a lady wearing a motorcycle or biker’s coat is most probably an outgoing person. Different coats can tell different stories and this is why women love them.

Here are some of the best designer coats for women:

1. Trench Coat

Burberry Cotton-Sateen Trench Coat can really make a woman go crazy. A trench coat is truly undisputed when it comes to functionality and style. You can wear a trench coat whatever your activity may be. Want to go to the mall and look stylish? Wear a trench coat. Want to go to a conference? Wear a trench coat. Want to go to an all-night party? A Trench coat is just as perfect. It can effortlessly match any outfit and any weather. If you still don’t have one, it is high time that you think of having one.

2. Parka

This coat is not all about style. It also speaks of functionality and practicality. Michael Kors has done a good job in his Parka collections. The conventional look of this coat, with the hood and the belt, perfectly matches its intricate style- a series of zippers and pockets that give you more room for the important stuff. Best worn with skinny jeans and a fit V-neck shirt, you surely will rock with a parka coat on.

3. Motorcycle Coat

Look sexy yet tough with this wonderful coat. This coat exudes authority and power but is equally matched with a look of demureness and conservatism. The leather material shows off your curves while giving you those broad shoulders that can surely exude control. Perfect with heels, skinny jeans, and a tank top, a Motorcycle coat can really give you an enigmatic aura.

Wearing a coat is multi-functional- it can protect you from the cold weather but it can also give you a very fashionable look.


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